Staying comfortably and safe at Hotel Arrows

Being Hotel Arrows, we give the well-being and safety of our guests and colleagues the highest priority. The RIVM (Dutch Institute for Public Health and Environment) has offered the hospitality sector a number of guidelines to prevent further spreading of the corona virus (Covid-19). These guidelines are strictly followed by our staff to minimize potential infection.

In our breakfast area, the tables and chairs are set up in a way that our guests can sit at least one and a half meter away from each other. Additionally, the pathways are at least one and a half meter wide. To maintain the breakfast buffet experience, we have our delicious products displayed to facilitate your choice. One of our colleagues will serve breakfast taking into account enough distance is preserved. If you would prefer having breakfast in the room, we offer room service as well.

Bar, lounge and terrace
Both our terrace and our lounge are set up in such a way that the one and a half meter-guideline is maintained. These orders will also be served on distance to preserve the health of our guests and our colleagues.

Fitness room and wellness facilities
Our fitness room and wellness facilities will for the time being only be accessible with a reservation. A maximum of two people is allowed in the wellness, the fitness room can only be used individually. You can reserve the rooms for a maximum of 55 minutes. Our staff will provide you with the available timetables.

Hotel rooms
In addition to the fact that our rooms are always properly cleaned, we have taken additional hygiene measures. We ensure that all areas and frequent contact points in our hotel are cleaned several times a day with disinfectant. Examples are the elevator, the handrails and the door handles.

We kindly ask our guests to preserve the one and a half meter distance when checking in or out. To avoid physical contact, our colleagues will put the keycard and other necessities on the counter, so you can get them yourself. Also, our reception is cleansed thoroughly. Think about the pin machine, the intercom and the counter itself.

The following measures apply to our staff:

  • Wash hands upon arrival with soap and disinfectant
  • Do not shake hands
  • Keep an appropriate distance from both guests and each other
  • Staff who have minor complaints will stay at home as a precaution. This is not the case at the moment, but it is part of our policy.

Advice for our guests
We advise our guests to wash their hands thoroughly when they return to the hotel. Together we can ensure that RIVM advice is followed as closely as possible and that the potential risk of infection and spread is prevented as much as possible.

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